Mission & Vision


KUNSMILLER CREATIVE ARTS ACADEMY is a magnet school designed to prepare students in grades kindergarten through 12 for creative and artistic careers while also providing a rigorous college-prep education. All students explore theatre arts, 2- and 3-D visual arts, media arts, instrumental and vocal music and dance. Students entering at middle school select arts studies they are passionate about and will lead to career-path studies in high school. We enroll 75% of our students from the Southwest Denver region, and 25% from other DPS regions and other school districts.

To prepare students to engage in the 21st century global community through arts infusion.

Core Values
  • Our school promotes an environment for creative risk taking, where the arts are infused across multiple disciplines and grade levels;
  • Our school builds lifelong learners and reaches beyond the school walls into the community;
  • We respect and celebrate the vertical collaboration of a K-12 community;
  • We are building core knowledge through arts, and arts knowledge through core;
  • We teach to the strength of the student and not to the test (strong test scores are a by-product of our commitment to multiple intelligences);
  • We work with parents and guardians to connect school and home;
  • Outside educators and working professionals create authentic audience, experience, and a global vision of learning.

We are a dynamic model of successful arts infusion, developing creative, curious and courageous learners.


  • KCAA prepares students to be positive members of the community;
  • Students create personal visions for their future;
  • Students actively seek ways to present their learning with pride;
  • Staff balances arts and core academics and students work at high levels in all areas;
  • The community values art and recognizes our students for academic and artistic excellence and service;
  • Our K-12 students frequently and safely interact.