Tours and Shadowing

Tours and Shadowing


KCAA offers guided tours for families and students wanting to know more about our program. All tours are offered on Monday mornings at 9:00am in our Main Office. Please contact Rachel Moen, parent liaison at 720-424-0218.

If you are unable to attend the 9:00 tour we gladly invite you to take part in one of our Arts events during the school year. Should you have further questions regarding tours please contact our parent liaison, Rachel Moen at or 720-424-0218.


Welcome to the Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy Shadowing Program

KCAA offers shadowing opportunities to current 5th and 8th grade students only.

5th Grade Shadowing Day will be Monday, December 5th  from 8:30pm to 1:15pm(student will shadow a current 6th grade student). Click here to to reserve a spot for your 5th grader.

8th Grade Shadowing Day will be Tuesday, December 6th from 8:30am to 1:15pm (student will shadow a current 9th grade student) Click here to reserve a spot for your 8th grader.

KCAA uses an electronic sign-up tool called Sign-Up Genius to organize our Shadowing Days. To schedule a slot for your student please  contact our parent engagement liaison, Rachel Moen or call 720-424-0218 and she can assist you in signing up.

KCAA knows that choosing the right middle or high school is a huge decision. The KCAA Shadow Program offers prospective students the opportunity to spend a half-day attending class with current KCAA students. During this time students will attend at least one core content class and one art class. Shadowing is an excellent opportunity for students to ask questions about the school program and extracurricular activities here at KCAA. Please note, the Shadow Program is not part of our enrollment process. For an explanation of the enrollment process, please visit the admissions tab our website (

What to plan for the day your child shadows:


  • Arrive at the Main Foyer at 8:20 pm;
  • Once you sign-in you and your student will attend a brief informational meeting hosted by our Dean of Arts and School Principal in our Main Theater. After the initial answering of questions in addition to receiving written information about KCAA, the student guest and student ambassador will be partnered and head to their classrooms and parents will be dismissed.
  • Please be back at KCAA by 1:15 to pick up your child in the foyer or another prearranged location by you and your child.
  • The student guest has the opportunity to shadow through 2 class periods – one core content course and one arts course. All of our Ambassadors have full, challenging class schedules which include Honors and arts as part of their daily routine. KCAA students take a total of 8 courses, 4 per day. Because our school runs a block schedule of 93 minute classes students will experience two courses through the afternoon.
  • The online form will ask you questions about which arts courses you are most interested in seeing. We will do our best to partner your student with an ambassador that has the courses of most interest.


Welcome to Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy!