Get Involved as An Elementary Parent

Parent Partnership Committee 

This group is dedicated to creating fun events where parents are invited to be a part of their child’s academic growth. We will be meeting every third Thursday of the month. Our first meeting will be the 20th of October. We will be planning our first event – Muffins with Moms, where parents will be invited to come into the lower library before school to read to their child, while enjoying a muffin. We will have books in English, Vietnamese and Spanish. Please contact Rachel Moen our parent liaison for more information at or 720-424-0218.

Este grupo se dedica a crear eventos de diversión que se invita a los padres a ser parte del crecimiento académico de sus hijos. Nos reuniremos cada tercer jueves del mes. Nuestra primera reunión será el 20 de octubre. Estaremos planeando nuestro primer evento – Molletes con las mamás, en la que se invita a los padres a entrar en la biblioteca de la escuela inferior antes de leer a sus hijos, mientras disfruta de un muffin. Tendremos libros en Inglés, vietnamita y español. Por favor contacto Rachel Moen para mas information a or 720-424-0218.


KCAA offers opportunities for students’ families to get involved at both the school and district levels. These meetings help facilitate effective communication between families of ELA students and the school. The ELA PAC is open to all parents of students in an ELA program.

At the District level, families of ELA students can participate in the ELA District-wide Advisory Committee (ELA DAC). The ELA DAC meets monthly during the school year to inform families and generate discussion about issues that affect English Learners in DPS.

To sign up for the next ELA DAC event on the 26th of October from 10:00am-12:00am Crowne Plaza (Stapleton ) 15500 E 40th Avenue, Denver, CO 80239 (Steamboat Room)