How to Apply

Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy is a choice enrollment school. Please read through our admissions process to find out more about how to become a part of our great school community.

Prospective 6th and 9th grade students (current 5th and 8th graders) should consider touring our school. We give scheduled tours every Tuesday at 9:00am.
Step One – Intent to Enroll Form
Complete the KCAA Intent to Enroll application, linked below or available in our main office. Once completed the form can be faxed, mailed, emailed or dropped off in the main office.
Click the following link to access the KCAA application packet (which includes KCAA’s Intent to Enroll form and Letters of Recommendation): English and Español.
You can also complete the Intent to Enroll form online here:
Letters of recommendation can be brought to the Enrollment Event or submitted prior to the event in person, by email ( or by fax: 720-424-0151.
Step TwoRecommendation Forms

We ask that you use the form linked above in our application packet (we also welcome letters of recommendation in addition to this format). Recommendation forms and letters must be returned directly to the school in a sealed envelope with a signature across the seal. We are unable to accept unsealed recommendations.

KCAA Mailing Address: 2250 S. Quitman Way, Denver CO, 80219
Step Three – School Choice Forms
  • Denver Public Schools requires the completion of a choice enrollment form for the 2019-2020 school year.
  • When applying to KCAA, you must select KCAA as your first choice when Round 2 SchoolChoice opens on April 3, 2019.
  • The SchoolChoice Round 2 window is April 3, 2019.
  • Round 1 Resources available here  If your student is entering K, 6th or 9th grade or they are looking to switch schools at any other grade, they must go through the school of choice process.’
  • DPS is introducing an online, mobile-friendly tool which families will use to submit their SchoolChoice application. This new tool can be easily accessed from cell phone, tablet or computer. Please visit the website  to begin the application process. SchoolChoice telephone hotline: 720-423-3493.
  • You may also visit the Southwest Enrollment Center for SchoolChoice assistance:
    • CMS Community School, 1300 S. Lowell Blvd., Denver, 80219
    • About the SW Enrollment Center: To better serve families in this region of the city, DPS’ new Southwest Enrollment Center will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. To support families with the next SchoolChoice enrollment season, which begins April 3, 2019. For more information, call 720-423-3493, email or visit
Step Four – Attend the KCAA ROUND 2 Enrollment Event

Thursday, April 18, 2019 2:30pm-5:30pm

KCAA’s Enrollment Event is required for students who are new applicants and those wishing to return to KCAA as a 6th or 9th grader.  While attending the Enrollment Event you will be interviewed by our staff, participate in an arts activity, and complete a short essay. Please bring your sealed letters of recommendation if they have not been sent directly to the school in advance. We also ask prospective secondary students to bring one artifact that you would like to share with the interview committee. This could be an art piece you have created  in any art form: music, dance, drama, or visual art. It could be a performance piece, a video or photograph of the artwork, or the artwork itself, to be presented and discussed during your interview with an art teacher.

While current KCAA students receive priority admissions, any current student wishing to transition to middle or high school must attend the enrollment event on April 18, 2019  to maintain their priority status.

Kindergarten only: During the readiness event on Enrollment Day students will go through a shortened simulated day of Kindergarten to help assess their readiness for school. Kindergarten bring a completed questionnaire and completed Intent to Enroll Form.

New 1st and 2nd graders: Interview with a teacher, do an art activity, present an example of child’s artwork (optional), 1 letter of recommendation, and a completed Intent to Enroll Form.

New 3rd-5th graders: Interview with a teacher, do an art activity, present an example of child’s visual art OR present a performance to a performing arts teacher.

New 6th-12th graders: Interview with a teacher, do an art activity, present an example of student’s visual art and/or perform for a performing arts teacher, 2 letters of recommendation, and a completed Intent to Enroll Form.

Prospective 10th & 11th grade students: Please bring current transcripts in a sealed envelope, clearly labeled with your first and last name for review.

 You must select KCAA as your first choice when SchoolChoice reopens in April for Round 2.


January 15, 2019 Round 1 School of Choice window opens

February 9, 2019 Round 1 KCAA Enrollment Event

February 15,  2019  Round 1 School of Choice window closes by 4 p.m.

April 3, 2018 Round 2 School of Choice window opens

ROUND 2 Enrollment Event April 18, 2019 

Please use the form at the bottom of this page should you have further questions regarding the Admissions process.

QUESTIONS? Want to Know More?

Choosing the right school is important, which is why we are happy to provide you with support throughout the school choice process. In order to help you determine whether KCAA is the right fit for your family we offer guided tours for families and students wanting to know more about our program.

Scheduled tours are offered on Tuesday mornings at 9:00am in our Main Office. For more information on scheduling a tour please contact Aurora Padilla at or at 720-424-0218.

If you are unable to attend a tour we gladly invite you to take part in one of our Arts events or other performances during the school year.

If you would like to request further information about the admissions process, tours or attending a performance at KCAA, please contact our Parent Engagement Liaison, Aurora Padilla at or at 720-424-0218.