Neal Jacob Print Shop

Good Evening All!

As some of you may or may not know, I am an avid screen printer. I’ve always had issues letting go of original artwork, having spent so much time with it during the creation phase, and the screen printing medium is awesome in that you can make multiple prints of a single design.

For those of you new to KCAA, last year I tried to make my expertise available to our community as much as possible, either printing shirts for the Middle School play ‘Hoodie’, basketball jerseys for our Lady Dragons with the help of Emily Ayres and the middle school basketball team, attempting to do a t-shirt Tuesday (a before school event for staff to print custom KCAA t-shirts that was unfortunately cancelled due to a snow day) or doing some on site printing with students for First Friday events.

It was truly a great way to get to work and spend quality time with KCAA staff and students (last year was my first year at KCAA) but it was tough because I would have to travel to prepare screens at an off-site location during out-of-school time (aka Neal-Time!).

This summer I devised and began acting upon the designing and creation of our own screen-printing studio here at KCAA. My father-in-law and I began building equipment and I am in need of financial assistance to finish the process/studio. In addition to building materials, there are also some technological, printing and plumbing materials that need to be purchased in order to make/build an efficient printing studio in my classroom.

I, about a month ago, set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ and through my network of family and friends have accumulated almost $700, over a quarter of estimated costs, for this project. I’m writing to ask of all of you for support. Not necessarily financial support (although that would be GREATLY appreciated, although, I know the nature of our profession can lead to tight personal budgets), but I’d greatly appreciate any shares via personal networks and/or social media outlets.

I currently am wrapping up a month long showing of some personal screen prints at a local screen printing company (Ink Lounge and I am going to donate %30 of my sales to the cause.

Again, please don’t feel like you have to support this financially. I am just hoping to get the word out and give our students an opportunity to design, produce and promote (and possibly sell merchandise) to support the KCAA cause. If you have any questions, comments, concerns please feel free contacting me. I, and our unknowing students, hope to be of service to all your hand-printed needs in the very near future!

Thanks for your time as I know it is valuable!

The link can be accessed here: