Post Secondary Readiness

Post Secondary Readiness Chart-March 2018

CCE- Concurrent Enrollment

In addition to our CTE (Career Technical Education) pathway, KCAA also offers a performing arts concurrent enrollment pathway. Through this pathway, students take college classes both on campus and off campus (at Community College of Denver) to receive guaranteed transfer credits. Students can begin taking off campus classes as early as their junior year and are placed according to their SAT or community college assessment score. Students can take any of our three art performance tracks (theater, dance, music). All guaranteed transferred credits attained during high school will transfer to the four year Colorado college or university of their choice.

CTE- Career Technical Education

The current CTE pathway at KCAA focuses on graphic design. Through this pathway students will have the opportunity to receive college credits through high school classes. Students will then have the opportunity to complete their AA (Associates Degree) by attending a fifth year (known as ASCENT) through a participating community college. All college credits that are required through the graphic design CTE program are paid for by KCAA through degree completion.

Examples of student graphic design work: