Resources for Bilingual Parents


Our School has adopted the TNLI model to educate our bilingual learners:

This program is for Spanish-speaking students. Students are instructed in Spanish and English. As students learn more English, the proportion of English instruction increases, leading to literacy in both languages. ELA-S teachers are fluent in Spanish and are specially trained to teach your child English. Schools that offer ELA-S instruction are called Transitional Native Language Instruction (TNLI) schools. To select ELA-S instruction, choose Option 1 on the Parent Permission Form. Other schools in DPS serve bilingual students under a dual language model or English as a Second Language model. Please see you parent liaison to learn more about these options in DPS.

English Language Proficiency

Your child is tested every year to evaluate their progress in English language proficiency. He or she is tested in reading, writing, listening and speaking. These scores are communicated with parents. Below is a link to a guide to  understand your child’s score.

WIDA Booklet


KCAA offers opportunities for students’ families to get involved at both the school and district levels. These meetings help facilitate effective communication between families of ELA students and the school. The ELA PAC is open to all parents of students in an ELA program.

At the District level, families of ELA students can participate in the ELA District-wide Advisory Committee (ELA DAC). The ELA DAC meets monthly during the school year to inform families and generate discussion about issues that affect English Learners in DPS.

To sign up for the next ELA DAC event on the 26th of October from 10:00am-12:00am Crowne Plaza (Stapleton ) 15500 E 40th Avenue, Denver, CO 80239 (Steamboat Room)