KCAA: the only public school in Denver where a student can receive a K-12 arts education!

 We offer:

Drawing Band
Painting Choir
Printmaking Dance
Photography Drama
Graphic Design Technical Theater
AP Studio Art AP 2D Design

A student who attends KCAA will…

  • Explore visual, performance and graphic arts beginning in Kindergarten
  • Master the skills required for the creative careers industries
  • Receive the educational benefit of 1-1 technology
  • Have opportunities to work with local professional artists
  • Participate in numerous city-wide arts events
  • Benefit from arts integration in all core classes

Starting in elementary, all KCAA students experience dance, music, visual arts, and drama every year. Arts at the middle school level continues this exploration of all the arts; all 6th and 7th graders rotate through all art forms each semester (except Music which is an elected year-long class) so they can experience the variety of art courses that KCAA offers. In 8th grade, students are able to select electives in a variety of fine arts and performing arts according to their interest. Our goal is to prepare all middle school students for the academic and artistic rigor that high school requires.

In high school, students are able to select electives in a variety of fine arts and performing arts fields. Students are also able to choose to follow a fine or performing arts pathway to focus their studies. Our graphic design and theater pathways are approved Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses of study. Through these pathways students will have the opportunity to receive college credits through high school classes. Students will then have the opportunity to complete their Associates Degree by attending a fifth year (known as ASCENT) at a participating community college.  In addition, KCAA also offers concurrent enrollment, in which students take college classes both on campus and off campus (at Community College of Denver) to receive guaranteed transfer credits, paid for by KCAA.